Online Classes have taken a front seat in the training and learning systems. Rapid technological advancement has taken learning to the next level as well. It’s a sign that the coaching and teaching system has come of age with the growing demand for online classes. Online learning has become a part and parcel of course offerings around the world.

Intello Academy has also, therefore; keeping pace with the academic revolution added numerous course modules to their online classes’ curriculum. It is important to reach out to the educational needs of our students. Therefore, we offer the best online coaching classes for both domestic and study abroad. Along with overseas education consultancy. We also offer other online classes for competitive exam preparation for various government job exams. We play a significant role in offering online classes of Design, Fashion, Arts, and Architecture entrance exams preparation.

What do We Offer in Online Classes

Facilities in Online Classes

What Do We Offer in Online Classes

Our Online Classes are a well-designed set of online learning resources keeping our major objectives intact like; interactive learning, individual student feedback system, Student-Teacher and Student-Student communication system, Online mock test sessions as well as practical tutorials with detailed explanations, etc.

Let us see what we offer as online learning resources, as a part of our Online Interactive Classes:

  • Subject related Academic Ebooks
  • Academic Journals
  • Online Video Tutorials for easy accessibility and learning
  • Recorded lectures for convenient learning
  • Online Quizzes
  • Interactive online discussion forum with teachers as well industry experts
  • Live Question answer Sessions with experienced professionals in respective fields
  • Mock interview sessions

Facilities in Online Classes

As we have experienced at many different stages in our day-to-day activities that online platforms are of great convenience and sought-after. Let us see in detail the facilities and benefits of our Online Classes:

  1. Home educationOnline Classes and courses have brought education and learning right to your home. This way students will find more interest in the online as well the homely environment both at the same time.
  2. ConvenientYou can avail it at your convenience. Your only excuse for being absent from the class not getting online! So, now no missing out on important lectures, classrooms sessions, discussion sessions, even mock test sessions, etc.
  3. FlexibilityOnline Classes provide you with an ample amount of extra time for studies and spending leisure and relaxation time with family.
  4. AttentionA Well-structured Online classes or online coaching will offer more individual attention. It might often have happened that you forget to ask a question while in the online classroom sessions, but now, with the advent of online interactive platforms, it has become easier and convenient to send your queries to be solved by the respective teachers.
  5. Big PictureAn Online course opens up opportunities to get to know more about fellow students through varied forums, online social activities, etc. Meeting new people with common interests assists in exploring new avenues. This also develops trust and companionship building.
  6. Real-world skill enhancementLearning through online resources, using online interactive platforms, being able to share and receive online documents help you to adapt to day-to-day online practicality, which in the long run will surely give you an edge in any sector of occupation.
  7. Promote life-long learning Spending productive time online helps you to find subjects and topics of your interest. This way you can commence researching on that particular topic or subject. Online research and learning will not only help in long-term learning but will also assist you in information and data mining as well.
  8. Financial Benefit You might think of buying a computer or the internet bill comes heavy, consider the hidden expenses that we ignore like daily commuting expenses etc. As an online coaching facility has fewer infrastructural requirements, therefore, this expense is also curtailed and as a student, you might reap the fruit. Also, as we have mentioned earlier, with online classes you will be left with an ample amount of time, you can easily take up any freelance work as a side hustle.
  9. Teaches Self-Discipline Though procrastination might be one of the functional side-effects of online education, once you learn the importance of time and discipline may be the hard way in the form of poor performance and bad grades, you are sure to succeed. This self-realization of self-discipline will propel your success in the online course.
  10. Expansion of learning boundaries Internet has made the world a closely connected place to live in. Globalization has by far, eliminated all boundaries related to communication. Therefore, now, learning is not restricted to region or country. Learning has gone overseas. Thereby, making learning a whole new experience.

We are living in a dynamic world that is exploding with opportunities; you just have to find one for yourself. Online Courses assist you to learn new information or new skills whenever you want and wherever you want, literally giving you freedom of learning. With online courses, the scope and reach of education and learning have come up with new horizons.

Therefore with Intello Academy – Online Learning has never been so easy, interesting, and fun!

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