Study Abroad in foreign countries with the best Study Abroad Consultancy, Intello Academy. As an all-round study abroad consultancy and Study abroad Coaching, we offer end-to-end overseas education assistance.

The most reliable Study Abroad Consultancy – Intello Academy

When you are looking for a reliable Study Abroad Consultant in India, you must follow our checklist so to help you select the best one. Here we shall discuss the attributes of a best Study Abroad Consultancy:

Effective Communication

Effective communication abilities are the most important attribute of a smart study abroad consultancy. The person should be able to communicate well so that they can tell you what is best for you after considering your worries. Moreover, he or she will be patient and understanding while you decide which study destination, university, or course is appropriate for you based on your interests and goals.

Empathetic and enthusiastic towards Students and their goals

The study abroad consultancy and coaching institute should be passionate about students’ education and dedicated to your career growth. They cannot limit their knowledge to a particular subject or course. The advice they give you may reveal whether or not educating the youth is their passion. One of the numerous traits and qualifiers of a good education consultancy is how promptly a consultant responds to a student’s dilemma; hence, an empathetic consultancy would assist you in resolving your concern on time.

Overseas University Advisor

An overseas education consultancy will not only assist you with paperwork or your visa but will also actually understand you and your needs in order to recommend the best university or course for you. As a student, you must have a desire to study at a top study abroad university in order to receive a degree in your chosen field. That desire, however, can only be realized in the hands of a professional. A competent Study Abroad consultancy should provide you with all of the necessary information about the university/college of your choice, as well as all of the names of those universities, while also taking your financial situation into consideration. A good Study Abroad Consultancy will always explore various options to offer financial assistance like Study Abroad with Scholarships and Study Abroad financial Loans offered by different financial institutes.

Be well-informed

A study abroad consultancy should make it a point to stay up to date on the most recent changes in immigration policy. We provide Indian students with overseas education options in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, therefore staying abreast of the immigration policies of those nations is vital. The Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act of Australia, for example, protects the rights of international students. There are numerous such policies that a good study abroad consultancy should be aware of and be updated on.

Experienced and Qualified

Becoming a Reliable Study Abroad Consultancy in India is not just about being well-informed, one has to be experienced and qualified at the same time to handle the educational requirements of a student aspiring to study abroad. Therefore, in situations where a student’s future is concerned, the education consultant handling it should possess the relevant credentials and experience.

For instance, a consultant with academic credentials will have a sound knowledge of the various academic hierarchy, parallel courses, and other relevant information regarding study abroad that will help catapult the academic progress of the particular student.

In a likely manner, an experienced consultant will ensure leaving no stone unturned in presenting the best possible academic options to the students offered by various foreign institutes and colleges. As the best Study Abroad advisors, it is essential to place numerous students in various academic disciplines in numerous different countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. Hence, where experience is concerned, Intello Academy could be the best choice for students aspiring to study abroad.

Appropriate tools for effective solution and problem-solving

Amidst the debate regarding technology being a boon or bane, it depends on how to use it. Nevertheless, technological development has brought prolific advancement in communication systems. We also cannot ignore the prompt accessibility to information it offers us. Not forgetting the aspect of networking, researching, and cost efficiency along with an increase in efficiency by employing technological development. Therefore, a good study abroad consultancy will leverage technological advancement. Hence by using the relevant technologically updated tools prompt communication, follow-ups, and information gathering assisting the students has become very effective, thereby, enhancing the problem-solving efficiency of the Study Abroad Coaching Institute.

Unrelenting Involvement

A competent Study Abroad Coaching or Consultancy will always put in their best, smart and effective effort towards placing students in overseas colleges and universities. Therefore, providing end-to-end study abroad solutions can only be possible through continuous effort. Being a reliable Study Abroad Guidance requires being responsible and taking into account every possible scenario and thereby engaging completely in the activities. Therefore, providing unrelenting involvement and unbiased services is among the major aspects of a trustworthy Study Abroad consultancy.

Which consultancy is the best and reliable for Study Abroad in India?

Yes, here is the big question, in this highly competitive and dynamic world, it is important that one should be focused on one’s objectives, be it the students or the Study abroad consultancy that assist those students for Overseas Education. Therefore, we prioritize aligning our objectives with the objectives of the students. And hence, we are able to offer the best serves that a student is looking for in a Study Abroad Consultancy.

Features of a trustworthy Study Abroad Consultancy:

  1. Reliable Student Counseling
  2. Identifying Student’s academic as well as career inclination
  3. Sustained reassurance
  4. Logical & practical approach while course, university selection.
  5. Complete involvement throughout the guidance, coaching, and placement procedure
  6. Accountability and responsibility
  7. Authentic information sharing
  8. Constructive feedback
  9. Highly Resourceful
  10. Solicitous attention

Therefore, choosing the proper study abroad consultancy is just as crucial as selecting the ideal study abroad university; therefore, ensure that they are well trained, possess the necessary knowledge, and are only focused on your objectives. From the application process to documents to visa services, your study abroad experience should be stress-free and pleasant if you have the correct help.

So, Intello Academy is the name you can trust, and we do not speak for ourselves; our services will confirm our trustworthiness. Numerous years of experience and genuine effort have earned us the trust and faith that our students put onto us.


Why Study Abroad?

Let us see Why you should Study Abroad?

Reasons are numerous, but primarily 3 best reasons that entice students to go for study abroad:

  1. To immerse into a new cultural environment and develop a global mindset
  2. Gaining education that will lead to broader opportunities
  3. Broadening the scope of career prospective

What are the challenges of Studying Abroad?

Regardless of the country, you may face the same challenges of studying abroad, like:

  1. Feeling like “Not one of them”
  2. Coping with the language barrier
  3. Work upon the currency conversion
  4. Staying away from family and friends
  5. Coping with cultural misapprehensions

What are the benefits of Study Abroad?

The interesting benefits of Studying Abroad are:

  1. Gear up for exposure in an international workplace
  2. Getting to experience a new culture
  3. Making friends from different countries
  4. Become independent and take up responsibilities
  5. Helping in changing your outlook and broaden your thought perspective

When can I start applying for Study Abroad Programs?

The sooner the better! Start your preparation by researching the essential elements of Studying abroad programs the moment you start thinking of studying abroad. Start with noting the relevant courses and the universities that offer them; note the application dates of the foreign universities you are aiming for. And then start with the entrance exam preparation, if any. You must start preparing for the foreign language tests like the TOEFL and IELTS. You can also contact a Study Abroad Consultancy who will offer you a one-stop solution to all your requirements.

What questions should you ask the Study Abroad Consultancy?

Ask Study Abroad Consultancy whatever comes to your mind, and is relevant. Still, we will provide a checklist of questions you may ask:

  1. What is the cost of Study Abroad?
  2. What scholarships you are eligible for?
  3. Your overseas accommodation during the stay? Enquire about the on-campus and off-campus facilities, and expenditure.
  4. Can you work while studying so as to gain experience and some extra cash?
  5. How much in advance must you start your applying for Study Abroad and your overall preparation?


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