Intello Academy- A Professional Coaching Institute for IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, and GRE Exams.

Intello Academy COLLEGE ADMISSIONS | COACHING | STUDY ABROAD is a leading Education Consultant offering guidance and admission to the best colleges and educational destinations in India and Abroad. We nurture student’s careers by offering Career Counselling, Career Selection, College Selection & Application, and Exam Preparation courses.

Our core objective is to help the students to make the correct decision related to pursuing careers in domestic and overseas educational institutes.

We have multiple verticals through which we provide various services.

  • Education Consultancy for Engineering, Medical, MBA, BBA, LAW, & DESIGN College Admissions in India.
  • Study Abroad Consultancy: Intello Academy has established itself as one of the leading organizations in admissions to the world’s top universities, in countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. We train students for study abroad test preparation and language & communication training. We focus on foreign university admissions and guide students through the entire process starting from short-listing of universities, test preparation, developing a competitive application strategy, interview preparation, and visa services.
  • Coaching &Training: We are one of the growing institutes offering specialized classrooms for study abroad exams like GMAT, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL in India.
  • We also provide coaching to students for Various Entrance Exams like NIFT, NID, NATA,  CLAT, BANK PO, BBA & MBA.
  • Next Generation Courses: Digital Marketing, Creativity Classes, Stock Market Courses & Soft Skills training for boosting employability skills.

IntelloAcademy has become one of the best Education consultancies that have helped thousands of students achieve their dreams.

We are not the ones who exaggerate about us, rather we let our achievements speak for us. Intello Academy also has set foot on various other professional courses also to provide the best knowledge resource to the aspirants for a bright and successful career ahead of them. The reason why we are considered to be among the best education consultancy is that the students tend to feel comfortable with a professional hand-holding which is provided by us. We have worked our way to establishing numerous branches throughout the nation so as to cater to the needs of every aspirant who wants to get the opportunity of studying in India & Abroad. Intello Academy has made it possible for every student to dream and provide the opportunity to fulfill the dream of students for overseas education.

Dedication, Commitment, and Professionalism are the pillars of our approach towards our students.

We focus on providing a one-stop solution to all needs of a student. We offer classroom, study material, mock tests, previous year’s questions, and other related information for all courses. Please browse our website for related courses.  Call us now with your requirement.

What We Believe:

Our belief is that knowledge and skills should not be restricted by regional or cultural boundaries. Irrespective of ethnic and language barriers talent, aptitude, and skills should be gifted with wings to culminate and expand.

Our mission is to equip talented and energetic youth with the power to conquer the globe.

Our vision is to expand and augment proficiency and ideas across domestic and international borders.

We want to help propagate the movement of people, knowledge resources across regional, national, and international boundaries.

Our Courses & Delivery of services is designed to benefit everyone through the offline and online mode. Digitalization in offering our service has ensured that everyone benefits from our education thus democratizing education by dissolving boundaries.

In alignment with the words – Globalization, Digitization, we also consider, “Internationalization of Education” of paramount importance today and in days to come.

Our Team

Our team of qualified professionals possesses substantial experience in the field of education. They have worked studied and lived abroad and undergone specialized training to further train and prepare students to pursue their chosen careers. This knowledge and experience have helped our team of academic advisors and trainers to help students build their careers.

Educational Advisors

The passionate team of Advisors, the backbone of our organization, consists of counselors with dynamic conceptualization skills. In addition, they possess vast professional experience in the field of advising students about the various educational options available in India and abroad, considering their academic profile and needs. Most importantly, they always empathize with the students in regards to their needs and requirements. Their commitment towards providing the students with the optimum understanding and the skill sets to qualify the required examination for being eligible for overseas education is commendable. Moreover, in this dynamic world of education and career-building, it is very important to keep oneself updated. Therefore, our counselors, advisors, and trainers keep themselves up-to-date by visiting partner institutes. Also, they keep themselves well-informed by visiting international experts. This in turn helps to guide students professionally in selecting the right course at the ideal institution.

Our curriculum

Our meticulously planned and designed training regime and internal certification process at Intello Academy ensures every student cracks the overseas education eligibility criteria tests. Similarly, we have made our curriculum such that they simplify the process and assist students and parents through the perplexity of information overload. This also saves the hassle of collecting materials required for the preparation of the test.

Centers throughout India

Above all, being one of the best overseas education consultancies, we have numerous centers spread out all over India. For instance, we have GRE, GMAT, IELTS, and TOEFL coaching centers set up in Jamshedpur, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, and Ranchi. Intello Academy – A professional Coaching Institute for competitive exams also has diversified into a platform to assist aspirants to crack all the domestic and international entrance examinations.

Some Salient features of Intello Academy – A Professional Coaching Institute for Competitive Exams.

  • We focus on matching the profile of students with the right institution and destination.
  • Provide comprehensive training for various examinations in India as well as for overseas educational eligibility.
  • Students across India have trusted Intello Academy for their career decisions and placements.
  • Complete assistance on travel, accommodation & foreign exchange, VISA process, etc.
  • Exhaustive information and knowledge resource in the form of library, CD’s, Online tutorials, brochures, academic guides, supplementary copies, etc

Therefore, although we have grown to this stature, we still have exciting innovations in store considering the ever-dynamic education system. Moreover, as an education consultancy service, we commit ourselves to impart the best consultancy service. We take pride in assisting aspirants to achieve their dreams.

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