Government Exams are high in demand in India. There are numerous reasons for this, one of the primary reasons is Professional Security.

In today’s world where everyone wishes to enjoy a secure- stable life, Government job exams come to the rescue. Once you complete your basic education, of class 10th or 12th or graduation, you are qualified to appear for most of the government exams happening in India. Government jobs are some of the coveted jobs, in India but to be honest, it requires dedication, hard work, motivation, and a pinch of luck as well.

Aspirants know how difficult it is to crack any competitive exam and don’t worry, we will guide you at every step. From providing you with the list of government exams, how to prepare for them, and from where you can take help from. Everything, on one tap.

So, Read along, to Know the Details!


When you lookout for a job, after having basic education, in India, for many students, the first thing that comes to your mind is Government jobs. As, this career option offers attractive salary packages, and many other additional benefits, to make your life hassle-free, in comparison to a career in the private sector. In a private sector profile many a time you have to compete every moment to prove your efforts and plan every step towards securing your position, and eventually, looking for growth. Therefore, each year, aspirants try their best to crack the competitive exams and get placed. In India, there are many government job exams, in various sectors.

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Government jobs in India

There are numerous openings in the field of government jobs, we will discuss a few with a handsome pay package here:

  • IBPS PO Exam, where the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection hires the candidates for the Probationary Officers, in Private and Public sector banks.  The estimated average salary is about 45000 monthly.
  • SBI PO Exam is conducted by The State Bank of India, where the candidate is hired for the posts of Probationary Officers.  The average monthly salary for this post is also around 45,000.
  • IBPS SO Exam is conducted for hiring special officers in different posts like IT Officer, HR, Law officer, and others. The average salary is around 45,000 – 50,000 for this post.
  • RRB Exam is conducted by RRB, itself. They hire candidates for the post of assistant loco pilot or the loco pilot. The maximum age for this job is 30, while the monthly salary is expected to be 25,000.

These were a few out of many government exams happening in India. Now talking about how you can prepare and where to start. Aspirants often know what they want to achieve, but they get distracted by not following a proper plan to attain it.


If you wish to crack your dream government job exam, then you need to focus hard on its preparation. To work smart is what we believe in. And, here we will discuss the very same thing of cracking Government job exams, but in a smart and structured way.

  • Know about the selection process, of what exactly the exam will have. Prelims, Mains, Personal Interview, medical test, or anything else. Knowing the selection process of your government job exam is a must.
  • Evaluate the exam Pattern, by having good practice with the old question papers of the particular exams.
  • Guidance from the experts. Many students prefer self-study, but for cracking any government exam you must have proper guidance from the experts. And so, joining coaching is important. You will get the study material, guidance, consultancy, mock papers, old question papers, and everything else required to crack government job exams in one place.
  • Time is also a big factor when you are preparing for any government job exam. Each day of the preparation adds chances of the possibility of you getting selected. Government jobs exam coaching institutes come to the rescue, with all preplanned exam material, examination schedules, and forms.


When it comes to securing your future, by appearing in tough exams like IBS, SBI PO, RRB you should always trust the best government jobs exam coaching institute. And when we talk of best, Intello Academy is the best and is the pioneer in this field for numerous years.

Intello Academy has been coaching numerous aspirants to crack the Government Jobs Entrance Exam. We also have faculty members who hold respectable and prominent positions in government services. In addition, we also conduct workshops, interactive sessions with students and individuals holding esteemed profiles in the government sector. This way the students get valuable insights as well as inspiration and motivation.

Here are a few reasons out of many, why you should choose Intello Academy as the best place to prepare for the government jobs exam,

  1. Excellent and experienced Faculty members
  2. Online Classes
  3. FREE study material
  4. Exam-oriented teaching
  5. Time-saving Shortcuts & tricks
  6. Mock test series
  7. Structured preparation
  8. Recorded videos
  9. Detailed course coverage
  10. Previous Year’s question papers
  11. Affordable Fee structure
  12. and, Demo Class FREE!

The list of Government Job Exams Coaching that Intello Academy offers:

  • IBPS
  • RRB
  • SBI PO

And, the list is endless!

Benefits of joining a government jobs exam coaching Institute:

Aspirants may be befuddled between the thought of joining a government jobs exam coaching institute for preparation or preferring self-study. Let us help you!

We agree it is possible to crack a government job exam, through self-study. But the hard fact to this truth is, it is only possible if you wish to risk your attempts, have ample time to collect all the study materials, and question papers, which is difficult to get, and motivation. After a certain time, during the preparation, it is certain, you will lack motivation with the mundane routine, lack of focus and guidance will ultimately make you quit the government job exam preparation.

So, it is important to join a government jobs exam coaching institute. The competition is tough with limited seats. Government jobs exam coaching institutes are important because they will help you with proper monitoring and make you clear the exam.

Benefits of Joining Intello Academy in India:

The benefits of joining Intello Academy for government job exams in India are many. You will be guided from preparation to interview rounds to getting placed. We know how dedicated you are, and so we wish to help you achieve your dreams. At Intello Academy with the experts, we assure you to prepare well, with 100% results. We will provide you with the study material, practice sessions, mock papers, Previous Year’s Question Papers everything on one tap. Since we offer online classes as well, you can join anywhere anytime.

And, if you want to avail of our Government Exams Classroom Coaching, then we have branches prominently located throughout India, in cities like; Jamshedpur, Hyderabad, Ranchi, and Bhubaneswar.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop procrastinating and join the best government jobs exam coaching institute in India, INTELLO ACADEMY and start your preparation for government jobs.

You can do it; you just need to stop thinking and start believing!

Therefore, without wasting any more time, JOIN NOW!



How is coaching helpful for government jobs?

Coaching for Government Jobs preparation is what most students are looking for when they decide to crack a government service exam.

This question is obvious to come across your head. And, the basic answer to your question is YES.

Government job exams are tough, and getting expert advice is always beneficial.

Also, a coaching institute like Intello Academy helps you with the following to crack government job exams:

  1. Expert faculty, who will guide you to make an ideal study plan and stick to it.
  2. Previous year’s question papers and well-curated study material.
  3. Weekly mock assessment exams.
  4. Tips and tricks and quizzes.
  5. Online learning.
  6. And guidance for interview rounds as well.

Therefore, with a reliable coaching for Government jobs in India like the Intello Academy, your preparation will be efficient and effective, if you follow the proper plan.

What is the ideal way to get a government job?

The Ideal way of getting a Government Job is by staying focused and motivated.

Getting a government job requires proper planning and professional guidance from experts.

Here is the simple process you can follow to clear any government service exam:

Step 1 – look for the list of Government service exams being held in the near future, along with all the details regarding the application requirement and eligibilities.

Step 2 – select the one, you wish to join according to your capabilities and interest.

Step 3 – Look for a coaching institute nearby, or you can join Intello Academy’s online classes to learn with the experts.

Step 4 – Prepare accordingly with old question papers, and mocks. Make sure to give your two months to revision.

Step 5 – Attend the exam.

Step 6 – and finally, check the result.

And, we are sure you will crack it if you believe in yourself!

When can I start preparing for Government job exams?

You can start preparing for Government job exams today itself. As we know, the competition is tough, while the seats are limited. So, if you wish to excel, you should have ample time for preparation and revision. 3-9 months, is crucial for any government job aspirant.

However, with Intello Academy, you will be able to finish your government job exams preparation in a very less time, with the intensive course and structured and student-centric approach. Here you will be also helped with the previous year’s question papers, mock test papers, tips, and tricks to crack any government job exam.

Can I prepare for Government job exam along with a job?

Yes, you can prepare for the government job exams while continuing your job. It all comes down to your dedication, hard work, and motivation. You can multitask in a smart way to crack any government job exam, with a proper plan. At Intello Academy we will help you with the following to prepare you for any competitive exam.

  • Expert faculty to guide you
  • Flexible class timings
  • Study material from the experts
  • Old question papers
  • Mock exams and quizzes
  • And with a study plan

By joining coaching like Intello Academy, you don’t have to worry about curating study material or a plan a study schedule, we will prepare you for government job exams by assisting you to crack it. The experts will help you with everything.


Is a government job better than a private job?

It might be difficult to determine whether a government job is better than a private job. People often get confused with the sector they choose to pursue. Therefore, before jumping to any conclusion or taking generic opinions on government jobs better than a private job, you must first evaluate your requirements, and then align them with the benefits of both sectors. Both of the sectors, government and private have their pros and cons. Here are some of the factors, which will help you to evaluate which one is better.

Pay Package: At times even if the pay scale might seem low in the case of a particular government job profile, the perks compensate for that. The additional perks include; great retirement benefits, excellent healthcare facilities, time-bound promotions along with raise in salary.

Job Security: Once one gets a government job, your position will not get terminated easily. While in private jobs, you might have to be on tenterhooks, especially, during recession or pandemic situations as we witnessed. In addition, if you are really looking forward to growing or securing your profile in a private sector organization, you must consistently enhance your skill sets to keep up with the organization’s requirements. While in a government job, regular internal staff training sessions are conducted by the initiative of the government itself as per the skills required for a particular profile.

Work-Life Balance: In a private sector profile, the competition, the project deadlines, and various other factors might take a toll on your personal or family life, eventually, on health as well. While some government job profiles might be exhaustive, but still, you will be compensated with remuneration as well like extra pay for extra work, etc. And in a government job profile, you can ignore the competition part completely. It comes into play only when you are preparing for internal/departmental exams for a better rank and post.





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