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Scholarship Application: Things you need to know about the Scholarship Application Form

Navigating financial aid to achieve your dreams can be the most important yet confusing part. Many students, who wish to go for higher studies, in India and abroad, often look for financial assistance. Scholarship applications can make education affordable enabling you to achieve your dreams.

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Intello Academy is here to help you with its scholarship assistance program. For instance, we aim to help each student overcome their financial struggle. To date, thousands of students across the world have enjoyed the financial aid supervised by Intello Academy directly towards tuition, fees, books, and study materials. Therefore, avail of the golden opportunity of winning a scholarship assistance program from Intello Academy. As the best education consultancy and coaching institute for young and talented aspirants, we not only provide scholarships assistance, but we have provisions to provide Student Visa and Educational Loan Assistance also.

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Types of Scholarship Programs

Whether you are a school student or a graduate looking for financial aid, for further studies; there is a scholarship for almost everything. All you need to know is, how to avail them. With the experts of Intello Academy, everything will be available on your desk. Though, you must have an idea of the different types of Scholarship programs you can look for.

Merit-Based Scholarship

Merit-Based scholarships are awarded to individuals who excel in academics, athletics, or artistic qualities. This scholarship is mostly offered by colleges and universities, to their students.

Need-Based Scholarship

Need-based scholarships are awarded to individuals, who lack financially. The student is expected to share valid reasons for financial assistance in this case.

Private Foundation

Any student can avail of the benefits of Private foundation scholarships. Mostly corporations, individuals, religious groups, non-profit organizations are the ones who fund the private foundation scholarships.


Minority-based scholarships are strictly designed for minority groups of India. These scholarships will assist you with college books on-campus housing and tuition.


University-based scholarships are specially designed for individuals pursuing higher education in college or university. This particular scholarship’s objective is to facilitate research and learning.

How to apply for Scholarships

One may feel scholarship application forms are quite difficult to get through. However, it is not easy to get your application form selection process smooth. Here, we will talk about, how to apply for scholarship programs to get your form the priority.

To apply for the scholarship program, all you need to do is mail the below details to the concerned authority:

  • Full name and Date of Birth
  • Contact details
  • Your academic qualifications
  • University and degree
  • GPA (or equivalent)
  • A short essay, summarising why you need a scholarship fund.

The Intello Academy Scholarship team will evaluate your application and assist you with the best scholarship forms for your smooth selection and admission.

How will Scholarships help you?

Studying abroad or in India can be an expensive affair. If you are planning to go for higher studies, or get an MBA degree from a top institute, you should prepare for the financial expenditure as well.

The hike in the fee structure of universities and educational institutes compels most of us to think twice before stepping in. Several institutes and non-funded organizations also offer financial aid to help students to achieve their dreams.

A Scholarship Application program will not only aid you financially but will also help you with the following benefits:

Educational Assistance

Having enlisted yourself in a scholarship program reduces your risk of dropping out and not getting a desirable degree. Therefore, by reducing financial constraints, you will have more time to focus on your academics and learning.

Career Benefit

Moreover, earning a merit-based or prestigious scholarship can help you get your dream job as well. Mentioning your scholarship details in your resume can help you stand out when you search for a job.

Financial Aid

Scholarships are are the best financial alternative to fund your education or educational needs. You can use this money to remove financial barriers concerned with your education. Other than that, a scholarship program will also allow you to grow personally and professionally.

How Intello Academy will assist you with Scholarship Application

In today’s world, where pursuing higher education can be an expensive affair. You may land up giving on your dreams for that hiked college fees. Therefore, the key to achieving your dreams, without worrying, about how to pay them is all about Scholarship programs. But we all know how tough it is to clear a scholarship application. Whether you are planning to study in India or abroad, Intello Academy’s scholarship experts will help you with the best available options.

Based on your merit and other factors, we will assist the best scholarship program. Not only this, but we will also guide you to fill out the scholarship application form, and help you get through. Intello Academy matches you to the right scholarship program, meant for you. We have numerous years of experience and have all the necessary resources for you to trust us.


What are the mandatory documents required while applying for scholarship programs?

The documents required for scholarship application programs may vary from scheme to scheme. And it is always recommended to check thoroughly the scheme guidelines. The following documents are mostly required while applying for any scholarship programs:

  • Valid Id proof
  • Caste or community certificate if you have any
  • Income Certificate
  • Disability certificate
  • Single Girl child
  • Scanned copy of Bank passbook
  • Domicile certificate

These are a quite few documents you should keep in hand, before applying to any scholarship scheme. However, if you fail to arrange any of the documents mentioned, don’t panic. You just need to mail us or call us for assistance. The scholarship experts at Intello Academy will assist you to apply for scholarship programs flawlessly.


How are scholarship winners chosen?

Yes, it is quite difficult to be chosen among the scholarship winners. There are numerous scholarships applications and a lot of time and effort is invested by candidates to present a flawless scholarship application. While, the competition is tough, getting chosen is not just about luck. The Scholarship application committee ensures to go through the following phases, to select scholarship winners:

  • Phase 1 – Application Glance over, where the committee reads over the basics like name, age, qualifications, mistakes, and academic scores. Some scholarship applications may be rejected in the first phase, due to inaccurate details.
  • Phase 2 – A closer look, where the scholarship application form is checked thoroughly by the committee. Your essays or recommendation letters will be reviewed in this phase.
  • Phase 3 – Applications comparison, where the judges compare your application with a contender. They will check the scholarship application form in terms of GPAs, essays, test scores, and so on. Finally, after this step, the scholarship winners will be chosen and send out notifications for the deserving candidates.

How and where do I ask for Scholarship Assistance program?

So, for the Scholarship Assistance Program, you don’t need to go anywhere now. Intello Academy is a one-stop destination for all the details. Intello Academy is here to assist you with the best scholarship schemes that you can avail yourself of. You just need to follow three basic steps to get yourself enrolled in a scholarship assistance program:

  1. Step 1 – Sign in with your email id, name, phone number, and password.
  2. Step 2 – Fill up the form mentioning the details required like educational qualifications, interested category, and so on.
  3. Step 3 – Wait for our scholarship experts to call you and assist you through the different scholarship programs to which you can apply. Here, we will also guide you to fill out those application forms and help you get selected.

What is the difference between full tuition and full-ride scholarships?

In simple terms, a full-ride scholarship focuses on assisting you with all the other benefits as well in the journey of higher learning, while a full-tuition scholarship only aims to help you with the tuition fees required for higher education.





Covers the entire cost of college or university. It includes tuition fees, room rents, textbooks, study abroad fees, and other facilities as well to facilitate your learning with financial aid.


Only covers the tuition fees of the college or university. Here the scholarship scheme doesn’t cover your staying or travel expenses.

How do I write a scholarship letter to get selected?

Well, Intello Academy will assist you to write the scholarship letter for you to get selected in any scholarship program. We have a team of experts who know very well how and what to write for scholarship applications. Though, we would like to suggest to you a few points to keep in mind while writing a scholarship letter:

  1. Be brief
  2. To-the-point introduction
  3. The reason why you need a scholarship
  4. Be specific about your request
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