Getting student visas for Study Abroad is quite a challenging task. Needless to mention, once you have your college admission letter in hand, the next thing you need to run is for a student visa.


Every country has a different set of requisites, it is essential to get expert assistance. An in-depth understanding of the process is required to facilitate the documentation smoothly. Here’s where we can help you, with our experts of visa consultants, you can take a breath of relaxation. Moreover, Intello Academy is one of the trusted education consultants offering aspirants visa application assistance. We have successfully helped numerous students to get their visas to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad.

What are Student Visas?

A student visa is an official travel document required for students if they wish to pursue education abroad. A visa is more like an official document that is usually stamped on the passport of the bearer, helping them to travel legally in a foreign country.

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Documents required for Student Visa Application

  • Passport
  • Proof of a Bonafide Student
  • Language Proficiency Score

The essential documents required for a student visa application may vary from country to country. However, we will discuss the documents which you will require for certain:


The very basic requirement of a student visa application is the bearer’s passport. Make sure to have a valid passport, where at least two pages are left blank, for stamping visas.

Proof of a Bonafide student

If you are applying for a student visa, in any foreign country, you should have valid proof confirming your admission. In most cases, they accept a confirmation letter of admission by the educational institute.

Language Proficiency Score

Another important thing required during your student visa application process is proof that you can communicate in the dominating language of the place. English being a universal language can help you get through if you know well versed – spoken and written English. The authorities will judge this by the scores of TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE.


Each year, many students apply for higher studies in foreign institutes and colleges. Getting your student visa to study in any foreign country takes time, but surprisingly it is an easy procedure. Though it may turn out to be confusing for many, here are some basic steps you need to follow for getting a student visa:

  • Firstly, you should receive a form or letter from the university or school confirming your admission. Make sure you have the correct name and spelling in the application form. Again, it is necessary for you to devotee some extra time while applying for the student visa application process.
  • Secondly, you need to schedule an appointment for a visa interview and document submission. This may happen online as well as offline.
  • Lastly, finance your visa application. Things may turn out to be on the expensive side if you are not prepared.

Nevertheless, Intello Academy is here to help you with that as well. With the experts of Intello Academy, we will guide you through the whole application process. And about finance, we are also offering Student Loans for studying abroad. Intello Academy is here to support your dreams, with its extensive plans for Overseas Education.

How will Intello Academy the best education consultancy and coaching institute will help you in Student Visas Assistance?

The first stage of the student visa application process is a crucial stage in seeking admission to foreign universities. The experts at Intello Academy will help you throughout the process. From filling out the application form to applying for the student visa and preparing you to face the visa interview as well.

Expert Assistance in Completing the Visa Application

Complete guidance in identifying the correct application required for student visa application. While making sure we help you provide answers and explanations to complex questions on visa forms. Moreover, the experts at Intello Academy will check rigorously the visa application form filled by you before official submission.

Documentation and File Preparation

We help each applicant with a checklist in advance to avoid last moment delays. Our experts will explain in detail the essential document to the applicant as well as to their guardian. However, if you fail to arrange any of the important documents mentioned, we will help you with that as well.

Preparation for clearing the Visa Interview

The final step for clearing student visa applications is the interview round. We at Intello Academy provide you with expert assistance to clear the student visas interview rounds. We will assist you with mock interview rounds, tips, and tricks to clear the visa interview round swiftly.

Guidance for the final step

The final step is the most crucial stage of all. The study abroad and visa experts of Intello Academy will guide you through the whole process. We will also make sure that you get financial assistance while providing for the student visa application process.


Can a I get sponsored on a student visa?

Yes, you can get sponsored on a student visa! While applying for a student visa for studying abroad, you may require financial assistance. At Intello Academy other than expert assistance for a visa application form, we will also help you fund your expenses.

  • Financial Assistance through student loans
  • Making you aware of the scholarship programs
  • Helping you raise funds
  • Financial aids from private companies as well

What questions do they ask during the Student Visa Application?

The Student Visa Application questions are very important. Clearing a visa interview is the most crucial step of a student visa application. The purpose of the interview round in student visa application regulates your reason to visit the country. Therefore, you must be prepared in advance to clear the interview. Intello Academy helps applicants to prepare for interview rounds during student visa applications. Mock interviews and tips are also shared by experts to facilitate your visa interview round.

Well, here are some basic common questions asked during student visa application:

  • Reason for you to go for higher studies abroad?
  • Have you been to country X before?
  • What are your test scores? (GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS)
  • How will you fund the entire duration of your education?
  • Why should you be given a student visa?

Where do I start for student visa application?

You will be eligible for student visa application only if you have enrolled yourself for any course in that country. For beginning with a student visa application, you must have the admission letter from that university /college or school. Your student visa application acceptance is thoroughly determined by the following factors:

  • Your country citizenship
  • Your chosen country
  • The courses you wish to study
  • The institution where you will be studying
  • Plans on educational expenses




What can stop you from getting a student visa?

The process of applying for a student visa in any foreign country is a hectic task. If you are denied a student visa, there might be a possible few reasons:

  • Lack of financial proof to fund your educational expenses.
  • Missing of documents required
  • Doubtful interview session with the consular officer
  • Failed background check

Well, students have the advantage of re-apply three times within a year. So, if you are struggling to get your student visa for studying abroad, Intello Academy is here to help you.

What is the role of Intello Academy for student visa applications?

Many students who aspire for studying abroad, have to go through this process of Student Visa Application. The basic requirement for studying abroad requires a student visa. At Intello Academy we will help you with the following facilities to guide you through the student visa application process.

  • Choosing the right visa category
  • Collecting the mandatory documents
  • Completing the documentation faultlessly
  • Picking up the right university and study program
  • Understanding the educational loans and finance
  • Helping you with mock visa interviews
  • Providing you with tips to clear the application process


With the experts of Intello Academy, you will be able to facilitate the student visa application process running smoothly.


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