Education Consultancy at Intello Academy brings you the scope to tread the globe and study in the prominent Indian as well as foreign universities of your dreams. Globalization has come forth with numerous opportunities and avenues for aspiring students who dream of acquiring academic credentials from the list of renowned universities.

Intelllo Academy assists students with education planning. We as a reliable education consultancy service provider have come a long way in building careers for numerous aspirants. Hence, our track record speaks for itself. We assist aspiring candidates to be placed in their dream institutes with our best efforts. Intello Academy acts as advisors, career counselors, admission consultants, vocational trainers, and puts in our best towards your overall academic guidance.

Intello Academy as the Best Education Consultancy has been paving the path for aspiring students in the field of BBA, MBA, HM, Law, Engineering, and Medical. We have placed numerous students in the universities and colleges of their dreams.

How to determine the best Education Consultancy?

Rapid development in globalization has come up with numerous career avenues, thereby opening up new academic courses. And, as new academic opportunities come up, numerous students find themselves ambiguous about these new academic avenues leading to newer career opportunities. And this has seen numerous education consultancies to come into existence.

So how will you determine which is the Reliable Education Consultancy?

  1. Focus on Assisting students academic
  2. Experienced in assisting students with academic institute selection
  3. Priority in maintaining ethical standards
  4. Keeping abreast with trending institute and academic courses each offer
  5. Connected to a network of academic institutes for prompt response

Here, we will discuss in detail the aspects which you must consider that will help you to trust Intello Academy as the Reliable Education Consultancy:

Focus on Assisting students academic

As a trustworthy education consultant, it is important to identify the dreams and aspirations of a student. Then aligning it with individual skills and capabilities, followed by shortlisting related academic courses and assisting them in selecting the best suited for them.

Experienced in assisting students with academic institute selection

A reliable Education Consultancy must have experienced academic experts to provide the students with the best academic institute selection guidance. They must be knowledgeable enough to offer the best academic institute options to the students to ensure they select the right academic institute for themselves in accordance with their skill sets.

Priority in maintaining ethical standards

Being a trustworthy and reliable Education Consultancy as well as an education coaching institute, it is our priority to maintain transparency. The primary and very important pillars that assist in making an educational coaching institute maintain its ethical standards are:

  • Informed counsel
  • Uprightness
  • Regards towards the purpose
  • Faith and trust with confidentiality

Keeping abreast with trending institute and academic courses each offer

It is highly recommended that you must take advice from an Education Consultancy that is continuously evolving and upgrading itself with the latest information regarding Colleges, Universities, and the varied range of courses and programs that they offer.

Connected to a network of academic institutes for prompt response

Another major aspect of a reliable education consultancy is their profound congruence with numerous educational institutes, which enables them to provide the aspirants with deeper insight into a wide range of academic options.

Why should you select Intello Academy as your preferred Education Consultancy?

  1. We listen to your needs
  2. Our Track record speaks for itself
  3. Expertise
  4. Transparency and loyalty
  5. Careful assistance in selecting academic options

As the most reliable and trusted Education Consultancy, we ensure that we and fulfill an aspirant’s academic requirements and assist them to reach their goal.

1. We listen to your needs

It is not just about what we offer; it is about what you need. We ensure that our students achieve their academic goals. Therefore, it is important that the academic options are not imposed upon them; rather we acknowledge the needs and requirements. And, then evaluate the skill sets and other important factors that will further assist in deciding upon the best suited academic option.

2. Our track record speaks for itself

The best reference for selecting Intello Academy as a reliable Education Consultancy is our track record. The testimonials provided by our previous students are proof enough that we put in our best in offering the best consultancy service in the field of education.

3. Expertise

As we have been counseling aspirants for a considerable amount of time, we have due experience in our relevant field. Therefore, our expertise in providing our students with the academic solutions best suited for them makes us the most trusted education consultancies.

4. Transparency and loyalty

The two major pillars that create trust among our students are our belief in transparency and loyalty. Come what may, we never disclose details of other students, in the same way, we never keep you away from the opportunities you are looking for. Therefore, we respect our student’s privacy, and are transparent with you in every aspect, and continue to maintain our loyalty.

5. Careful assistance in selecting academic options

As numerous career options have evolved and emerged, so has their academic value. Therefore, we believe there is always an exciting academic avenue waiting for every child. Hence, we prioritize extensively evaluating the interest, skill sets, and career goals of a student. And thereby, providing the best academic plan of action, which comprises of selecting a relevant course and the best university or college providing that particular course.

Intello Academy the best Education Consultancy

So, you see that we are not just an Education consultancy; rather we specialize in laying the foundation stone of higher education for an aspiring student. We help in assisting them to select the best-suited career options and for that which academic options to select, and then the place from where they can equip themselves with the education, learning, and skills required to achieve their goal. We also assist students with various preparation modules and study materials required for university admissions like entrance exams and personal interviews, etc. Therefore, we provide students with an overall development program to enhance and upgrade their chances of getting admission into their dream university.


What should I look for in a reliable education consultancy?

There are numerous factors that make a reliable education consultancy, like;

  1. They should handle the situation in a way to lower the anxiety of the students.
  2. They will focus on complete hand-holding rather than just advising.
  3. They must not just emphasize “getting admission” rather they will focus on the course completion with student satisfaction and proper credentials.
  4. Their priority will be delivering rather than guaranteeing.
  5. And most importantly, they will suggest what is best for the student.

Why Do I need to contact an Education Consultancy?

There are numerous reasons why you must contact an Education Consultancy. Education consultants are experienced in guiding and assisting you in determining your actual potential. They assist you in assessing your strengths in order to determine the best path to a secure future. Here are some of the key advantages why you should contact an Education Consultancy:

  1. An educational consultancy can assist you in identifying and analyzing your personality, potential, as well as aligning them with your career preferences.
  2. Choosing the best academic option, selecting the right university, and strategizing the best approach towards getting admission will be the responsibility of an accomplished education consultancy.
  3. An experienced educational consultancy will help give you the most reliable information regarding any updates or changes in the latest practices in the academic field.
  4. If you want to know about the best universities, a transparent educational consultant can provide you with the most up-to-date information in terms of student ratings, reviews, and feedback.
  5. Their collaboration with many top universities will help you choose the right one best suited for you.
  6. They will also assist you to prepare for the admissions process, including the interview, as well as any other admission requirements.
  7. An experienced education consultancy will provide with prompt support on the financial front as well.
  8. For the overseas education aspirants they are the best source as they are well updated with the latest immigration guidelines.
  9. Numerous universities even consult the education consultancies taking advice to enhance their academic courses and services. Therefore, the education consultancy can be the best source of latest and upcoming academic courses as well.
  10. Highly competitive academic environment among the students has led to information overload; therefore, it is essential that you get the latest and reliable information. And for this contacting a trustworthy education consultancy is very essential.


How does an Education consultancy work?

An Education consultancy work in numerous ways to provide proper guidance with a structured approach towards offering the student the best suited educational options for a bright career. A Reliable Education Consultancy will always work towards the betterment of the student’s academic future. The steps that a trustworthy education consultancy takes are:

  1. Analyzing a student’s interests, potential, and goals
  2. Aligning those goals and offering best suited educational options to choose from
  3. Course counseling
  4. Domain and related career-specific expert advice
  5. College planning and admission assistance
  6. Providing the students with Indian as well as overseas university options
  7. Overall career mapping and counseling
  8. Offering financial options(Study Loans & Scholarships)
  9. Assistance on latest Immigration requirements
  10. Complete hand-holding throughout the process from selection to admission.

What services does education consultancy provide?

Services that a reliable education consultancy provides are:

  1. Collaboration Services to Institutions and Courses
  2. University and Course Selection
  3. Education Counseling
  4. Psychometric Test
  5. Classes for TOEFL and IELTS (For Overseas Education & Study Abroad)
  6. Coaching Classes for Entrance Exams (Design, Architecture, MBA, GRE, GMAT, etc.)
  7. Scholarship Application
  8. Job Entrance Guidance (Government Jobs)
  9. Visa Assistance (For Overseas Education & Study Abroad)

What are the qualities of a good education consultancy?

A good and reliable education consultancy surely must have these qualities:

  1. Unmatched interpersonal skills
  2. Proof of credibility; like testimonials, and student feedback
  3. Unbiased counseling with out-and-out transparency
  4. Empathizing approach
  5. Zealous



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