TOEFL Exam is a gateway to achieve your overseas education dreams!

In countries where English is the native language and comes in use for communication, and you plan to move to that country, your communicative English should come at par with the people of that particular country. Therefore, in simple words, the TOEFL test is to assess your English Communicative skills.

What is TOEFL all about?

TOEFL stands for Test of English as Foreign Language. It is conducted by the ETS(Educational Testing Service). This is an English proficiency test exam used as a parameter to assess non-native English speakers’ ability to enroll in English-speaking universities in countries where English is the native language. As per statistics, over 11,000 universities and similar educational institutes throughout 190 countries and regions accept the test.

The TOEFL is one of two major English-language tests in the world, with the IELTS being the other.

Here we will discuss the TOEFL

TOEFL Format and Content

The TOEFL comprises three sections: listening, reading, and writing, with the same scoring scale as the Internet-Based Test. There is no such thing as a complete score. Because not all facilities are equipped to administer this type of test, it will almost always be necessary to reschedule the test for a later date.

Now let us talk about the format:

  1. Listening: The duration of this exam is 30-40 minutes. There are three parts to this listening section. The first is a set of 30 questions based on brief conversations. The second section has eight questions pertaining to lengthier conversations. In the final section, there are 12 questions about lectures or seminars. Questions that are more difficult are worth two scores.
  2. Structure and Written Expression: The duration of this exam is 25 minutes. In the Structure and Written Expression segment, there are 15 exercises for correctly completing sentences and 25 exercises to identify errors. Questions that are more difficult are worth two scores.
  3. Reading Comprehension: The duration of this exam is 55 minutes. The Reading Comprehension section has 50 questions about reading passages. Questions that are more difficult are worth two scores.
  4. Writing: The duration of this exam is 30 minutes. The administration includes a writing test that consists of two essay questions required with 250-300 words.


We have discussed more on the above RWLS aspect, that is the Listening, Structure & Written Expression, Reading, and the Writing exam pattern and various other details.


How is TOEFL Score Calculated?

Each section in this test carries 30 marks. It has four sections which comprise a total of 120 marks. The higher or lower score scale is dependent on the requirement of a particular college. Usually, universities admit students with grades ranging from 61 and 70 Points. Hence the higher score you get, the greater number of universities you can opt for.

Why do you need to qualify for TOEFL?

As we have discussed earlier, this exam is the Test Of English as a Foreign Language, this exam will determine your capabilities of RWLS aspect when you are planning to move to a different country where English is the native language for various reasons, like:

  1. For Studying Abroad
  2. Job Seeking
  3. To become a PR or Permanent Resident in a foreign country.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. High School Pass
  2. No Age Restriction as of now

How to Register for TOEFL Exam?

  1. Online registration available at
  2. Fees: 180 Dollars as of now

TOEFL Exam Expenses:


TOEFL Expenses Fees
Exam Registration 180 USD
Late Registration 40 USD
Rescheduling 60 USD
Reinstatement of Cancelled scores 20 USD
Additional Score Report
(Per Institution)
20 USD

*TOEFL Registration Fees may vary by country. And Fees details are subject to change


The number of attempts and score validity of TOEFL:

There is no such bar as of now. Therefore, you can appear for the TOEFL exam numerous times in a year. You must keep in mind that there should be a gap of 12 days between 2 consecutive attempts.

The score which you get is valid for 2 years. Now the best part is that every time you have appeared for the exam and received a score TOEFL will consider the best score for each section. For example, if you have appeared 4 times in this exam and received 4 scores for every individual section for Listening, Structure and written examination, Reading Comprehension, and Writing. So, from all the four attempts, the best score in these individual sections will be considered. This change has made things far smoother for the candidates.

Preparation Strategy for TOEFL:

Trying to have a command of a language like English, might sound difficult for candidates who are not from the English medium background, but we also add that it is not impossible. With professional guidance, proper feedback, and extensive training & practice, you are sure to succeed.

One must really work on English Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. Go through the fundamentals of grammar till class 10th to gain proper knowledge of the usages, reading English newspapers, journals, etc that are available online.

You may also take the professional and experienced support from TOEFL Coaching Institutes, who have been preparing students for this exam. Their extensive study materials and preparation strategies help you to boost your knowledge and skills. You must go through the study materials, video lectures, interactive sessions. Previous Years Questions and Mock Test Papers should be on your must-do list so as to enhance your knowledge base for English words and their proper usage.

Tips to Crack TOEFL

Keep your cool.

Do not be anxious, as this will impact your performance. Try staying calm and focused, this will ensure concentration.


Be confident while you appear for the test. Remember, if you have prepared well enough, you are sure to succeed. This is not the end of the world, you will surely get numerous attempts, but to ensure cracking the TOEFL in your first attempt, confidence is the key.


As simple as the word “Practice” itself, you have to do it. Here, over-confidence might ruin everything. Therefore, till the time you are there answering the test, practice is what you should be up to.


You must have a daily schedule, where you must segregate the time for both learning and practicing.

Mock Tests

Make sure, you take the mock tests very seriously. This is the only way of self-evaluation, and further working on your strengths and weaknesses. Mock Test Papers are an Integral part of preparation. Therefore, you must solve as many Mock Test Papers as possible to enhance your preparation which will also help in confidence-building.


FAQ’s Related to TOEFL

What is the basic TOEFL Test Structure?

The Basic TOEFL Test Structure is given below:

Section Order on Test Time # of Questions Scoring
Reading 1 60-80 mins* 36-56 questions* 0-30
Listening 2 60-90 mins* 34-51 questions* 0-30
Speaking 3 20 mins 6 tasks 0-30
Writing 4 50 mins 2 tasks 0-30

Does Canada accept TOEFL?

The TOEFL Test Score is accepted by approximately 300+ Canadian Universities.

What is a Good TOEFL Score? And what is the maximum TOEFL score?

The maximum score allocated for TOEFL is 120. A ‘Good TOEFL Score’ is completely dependent on the colleges that you want to apply to. Many colleges are really script and have set their cut-off at 100, while there are numerous colleges that accept scores ranging from 65-70. Therefore, the TOEFL score acceptance bar varies with different colleges.

How many years the TOEFL score is valid for?

After you have taken the test, the TOEFL score will be valid for two years (2 Years). This is quite an ample amount of time to get on with the application process. This validity period is set to keep up with the possible upgrading of parameters, rules, and regulations related to overseas admission policies.

How many times can we write TOEFL?

One can take the TOEFL test as many times as one wants, but there must be at least 12 days gap between your test dates.



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