Mock Test series are tests for practice for future exams. They are exams similar to the actual exam. Mock tests are arranged to simulate the actual exam scenario. Mock tests are very important for students preparing for any competitive examination.

As the popular proverb goes “Practice makes a man perfect”; Mock tests are for the exact same purpose of making the students practice and eventually making them perfectly ready for the final exam. The mock tests may be integrated into chapters, units and sections also as per the stages of syllabus completion and followed by preparation.

Purpose of Mock Test sessions

  • Mock Tests helps the students to get a fair Idea about the exam paper pattern.
  • Conducting regular mock test sessions make the students practice and become perfect.
  • Mock tests exhibit the preparation status of individual students.
  • Through Mock tests students can identify their strength and weakness, in turn helping them to plan a success strategy.
  • Mock tests results help them to identify topics on which they need to focus more.
  • And finally, for some students who are not working hard enough, mock tests are a wake-up call.

Benefits of Mock Test Series

  • It provides a scope of extensive practice for the students
  • As it simulates the actual exam scenario students get the real feel of the examination
  • Mock Tests help in assessing learning capabilities of the student and identifying the problem areas.
  • As it is conducted in regular intervals, regular learning is optimized, so students do not fall behind the preparation schedule.
  • Conducting regular mock test series provide scope for ample amount of practice thereby automatically increasing the speed of attempting questions.
  • With regular practice the Mock tests series helps students to solve questions in the stipulated time, thereby assists in better time management.
  • Mock Tests series assist the students in improving their performance and boosting confidence by driving away their phobia and anxiety.
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