The best way to turn your passion into your profession is by cracking the Design Entrance exams in India. This will open your avenues into the best Design colleges and from then after completing the course you are off for a promising career ahead.

Design is a well-liked course among students. According to experts, in order to consider this as a course option, one must have a natural flair for assessing trends as well as a fundamental understanding of design aspects. Aspirants can pursue various design specializations to receive professional assistance on how to explore and strengthen their innate instincts.

Colleges such as the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), National Institute of Design (NID), Pearl Academy, and others provide design courses. Aspirants must, however, pass an entrance exam in order to be admitted to these colleges. The majority of design admission exams in India are at the college level, and candidates must pass 2-3 rounds to be considered.



List of the Most Popular Design Admission Exams held in India:

NIFT Entrance Exam

The NIFT entrance exam is one of the most prominent design entrance exams in India, and it is normally held in the months of January/February by the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). Aspirants can enrol in design courses such as Bachelor of Design (BDes), Bachelor of Fashion Technology (BFTech), Master of Design (MDes), Master of Fashion Management (MFM), and Master of Fashion Technology (MFTech) after passing the NIFT exam (MFTech).


Conducted by IIT Bombay, UCEED is a way for students to gain admission to the BDes courses provided at IITs. UCEED 2022 is a three-hour exam that is normally given in a classroom setting.


CEED is a popular MDes entrance test held by IIT Bombay every year in the month of January. The CEED test is divided into two parts: Part A and Part B. Part A of the CEED test is made up of multiple-choice questions, whereas Part B is made up of subjective, drawing-related questions.

NID Entrance Exam

The National Institute of Design (NID) has a three-tiered admissions process. Candidates must take the NID Entrance Exam in order to be considered for admission to NID’s BDes, GDPD, and MDes programs. This design admission test includes both objective and subjective questions, as well as drawing questions.

Pearl Academy Entrance Exam

Also known as the PAF Entrance Exam, the Pearl Academy Entrance Exam is held twice a year, in January and April. The exam format for this design entrance exam differs depending on the program for which applicants have applied. The General Proficiency Test (GPT) and Design Aptitude Test are both part of the Pearl Academy Entrance Exam for design degrees (DAT).


The Arch College of Design and Business hosts the AIEED to provide admission to students interested in undergraduate and postgraduate design programs. The AIEED test consists of two parts: a Creative Aptitude Test (CAT) and a General Aptitude Test (GAT).


The Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI) holds the FDDI AIST to shortlist candidates for admission to the institute’s undergraduate and postgraduate design programs. The FDDI AIST entrance exam is divided into four sections and is normally held in the month of May each year.

All about Design Entrance Exams, In India!

The majority of design admission exams in India are held in the months of January and February. Important dates, test patterns, syllabus, and other details of one or several exams are among the most often asked topics by students seeking design degree admissions. Because pupils have so many choices, there is likely to be some confusion. Aspirants can learn more about the top design admission examinations in India as they expose themself to the type of career they want to approach. Intello Academy helps you prepare for the same!

What are the Design Course Eligibility Requirements?

In order to enroll in a design degree in India, you must be aware of the admission tests and eligibility requirements for various programs. A high-school diploma (XIIth Standard) from a recognized board of education is required for fashion design. Candidates must have a minimum score of 50% in Class XII and can come from any stream (Science, Commerce, or the Arts).

The requirements for graphic design courses are identical to those for fashion design courses. Applicants can enroll in top design institutions if they have a high school diploma with an overall score of 50 percent in any subject.

To get into these colleges, you’ll have to pass a few tests, of course.

And how do you know the path of preparing for the design entrance exam? There we come to ease out your tedious work and help you focus only on improving your creativity.

We Help You with: Holistic Preparation for Design Entrance Exams in India

Intello Academy is India’s most prestigious Design entrance exam preparation institute. Intello Academy’s mission is to inspire students to pursue their passion as a career. We believe in having fun while working and preparing.

It is well-known for its knowledgeable faculty, library, infrastructure, test evaluation, and quality-based study materials. Its services are available both online and offline. It strives to prepare students who want to be a member of design by completing all of their requirements and coaching them.

Intello Academy offers affordable coaching programs for the NIFT, UCEED, and unique preparation for any design entrance exam. Examine the courses to see which ones are right for you.

Intello Academy Offers

  1. Regular Classes
  2. Recorded Videos
  3. PDF Study Material
  4. 24*7 Online Support
  5. E-study Materials and pdfs
  6. Detailed Analysis of NIFT Situation Test
  7. The Practice of 3D Models with Experts
  8. Regular Evaluation and Feedback by Experts
  9. Mock Preparation Tests
  10. Previous Year Papers
  11. Detailed Model Making Classes
  12. Doubt-Clearing Sessions

We aim to provide each student with an opportunity to compete with full potential. We offer students the right approach to save time and invest their energy and time in the right direction to succeed with great results!

With the goal of securing student’s future and encouraging them to convert their passion into their profession, we have branches in:

Career Opportunities for Designers

A career in design and technology entails coming up with innovative, tech-based solutions to challenges that already exist. This can range from developing cutting-edge video games to building functional and aesthetically pleasing interior living areas. As technology advances, you may be able to find additional design and technology professions that suit your interests and abilities. In this post, we’ll explain why you might want to consider a career in design and technology, as well as look at 15 different options.

As technology advances and evolves, so does the demand for employees with excellent design backgrounds. Individuals can combine their talents and hobbies into a single, satisfying profession by pursuing a career in design and technology. These satisfying occupations frequently allow for plenty of creativity and innovation, making them appealing to a wide range of people.

The List of Career options as a Designer
  • Fashion Blogging
  • Fashion Photography
  • Art Direction
  • Fashion Journalism
  • Illustrator
  • Fashion model
  • Celebrity Stylist
  • Textile Designer
  • Work in textile and fabric manufacturing units
  • Television and Film Industry dress designer
  • Retails Chains
  • Boutiques
  • Professor/ Teaching
  • Fashion Product Manager
  • Fashion Buyer
  • Fashion Marketing

Intello has offered to provide students with an extensive, comprehensive, and strategic approach no matter which design entrance exam you are opting for! But with a lot of fun workshops to elevate your creativity and help you know your strength.

Are you willing to go for the same? Then join us today!

Holistic Guide to make your Design Exams Preparation Strategy BETTER!

Create a Practical Study Plan

Doing a good job planning how you will attempt the questions will allow you to focus on the sections that are most challenging. Doing so will allow you to dedicate more time to those that are harder.

Know your strength and weakness

Doing this will also help prepare your mind for the upcoming exam. It should be consistent and it should be done in a long time.

Use fewer books for theory

Remember that it’s important to practice the questions that were asked during the previous year’s exams. Doing so will allow you to mentally prepare for the test and compare your scores.

Read the questions cautiously

These cheat sheets are designed to help you remember the formulas and questions that are most likely to affect your success in the exam.

Plan your exam strategy

When faced with a difficult question, try eliminating two possible solutions. Doing so will allow you to focus on the one that has the least chance of being correct.

Train your mind for the exam

Many students use shortcuts to prepare for their exams. Some of these include remembering formulas and performing charts.

Practice previous year papers

Being healthy and staying active are two of the most important factors that you should take into account when preparing for the exam.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

70% of preparing for an exam is done through practice. Use this time to improve your skills and save time. Our platform has helped students improve their accuracy.


At Intello Academy, we want to provide every aspirant the chance to compete to their full ability. We train students how to save time and put their energy and time in the proper places in order to achieve amazing results!


What are the entrance exams for designing?

There are numerous entrance exams for designing. However, the top entrance exams for designing are:

  • NIFT
  • NID
  • SEED
  • FDDI AIST and so on.

What topics are included in the design admission exams?

The general topics that included in the design admission exams are:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Comprehension of English
  • The ability to reason analytically
  • There are two types of reasoning: verbal and nonverbal
  • Interpretation of data
  • Current events and general awareness
  • Knowledge of computers and more.

Is the design entrance exam difficult?

No Design Entrance Exam will be difficult if you are well prepared.

Preparing for admission tests necessitates a great deal of effort, but understanding a few tactics and suggestions guides you in the right direction. Remember that passing an admission exam isn’t about putting in a lot of effort; it’s about giving it your all and showcasing your potential in a strategic manner to get into the world where you belong.

Is there graphic designer entrance exams?

There are numerous graphic designer entrance exams; Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) NIFT Entrance Exam Common Entrance Exam for Design (CEED) National Institute of Design Entrance Test (NID) Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) NIFT Entrance Exam.

Is Uceed limited to specific IIT?

For UCEED only IIT Bombay and IIITDM Jabalpur accept candidates from any other stream, such as science without physics, chemistry, or math, commerce, arts, and humanities.

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