Soft Skills Training in India has become a recommended course for both personal and professional development. Many professional organizations have incorporated Soft Skills training in India in their etiquette and team-building curriculum.

In today’s competitive world where we think about skills, soft skills can be easily overlooked. People often focus on hard skills like coding or honing their computer skills. But ultimately, one needs to innate their personality to stand out in schools, colleges, workplaces, or even in their personal lives.

Here we will be talking about the top 5 soft skills to master for your career growth. That you must have to work efficiently at your workplace, which will help you get a promotion. Or, you will be everyone’s idol if you inculcate these 5 skills.

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Importance of Soft Skills in India

There are many ways to prove that lack of soft skill may derail an employee with a solid resume of high scores. The 2019 Global Talent Trends reports that usually when hire doesn’t work out, 89% of recruiters believe it to come down due to lack of soft skills. People may be hired for their technical abilities, but having an advancement in soft skills guarantees their durability. And, if you’re in school and looking for your competency, then you must explore the vast arenas of soft skills. The earlier you start the sooner you have expertise. Soft Skills are universal, and one needs to hone them to get better opportunities in life and career.

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are the capabilities that one must have to interact effectively and productively with others, no matter the role or the setting. These are personal attributes, which will help you to form valuable relationships with time. Soft skills may seem easy, but many people find it the most difficult skill-set to develop.

On the other hand, Hard skills are the abilities that one will learn through traditional teaching methods. Hard skills such as data analysis, mathematical ability, and others can be taught for a certain industry or role-specific, unlike soft skills which will work on the overall improvement of personality and hone the talents to stand out.

Soft skills get little respect but they will make or break your career – Peggy Klaus

Difference between Soft Skills and Hard Skills:

·    Relevant to personality traits ·    Relevant to in-office skills
·    Soft skills develop through various, life-long professional and personal experiences ·    Hard skills develop through education
·    Qualitative aspect  ·    Quantitative aspect
·    Can be assessed by asking behavioral and situational interview questions, focusing on overall personality and characteristics. ·    Can be evaluated through resumes, portfolios, and job-related assignments
·    Very important for overall development ·    Important for role-specific jobs
·    Soft skills are interpersonal skills, communication, collaboration, problem-solving, leadership qualities, etc.  ·    Hard skills examples are marketing skills, IT skills, financial modeling, data structures, and others


Top 5 Soft Skills you must possess:

Everyone is unique in their field, in their very own way and they require some level of expertise and creativity to be successfully executed. For you to be successful in today’s world along with your studies and job, you must possess the required knowledge and character. Knowledge can be attained through books, but for the character, you need to work on yourself, instill valuable qualities. Having great soft skills can be a game-changer in your life.

  1. Communication
  2. Teamwork
  3. Problem-solving and Time Management
  4. Accountability
  5. Emotional Awareness

So, here is the detail of the top 5 soft skills to master for personal and career growth today:


As Peter Drucker said, “The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.” Communication is the key to mastering the world, with your ears open. To achieve success in your life, in any field, you will likely have to communicate to convey your thoughts.

Many may feel that communication skills are inherited according to the environment, but this is also true that many may not possess them. And in that case, one needs ideal training and mindset.


As said earlier, everyone is unique in their way. For an idea/ organization to be effective and productive, group members should work in harmony to achieve a common goal.  It is important to be an effective team player rather than being alone and selfish.

Problem- Solving and time management

In real life, people will never appreciate your cribbing attitude. If you want to excel in today’s world, a problem-solving attitude is a must. However, to be a problem solver you must know how to think out of the box and approach fruitful ideas.

No matter how beautifully you do your work, if you are unable to meet the deadlines, you won’t be appreciated. Time management is a real on-site activity, which no book will teach you. One needs proper guidance to value time and meet deadlines. Thankfully, Intello Academy has a solution for this too.


When something goes wrong and you are responsible for it, it is better to take full accountability and learn from the mistake. Rather than making excuses. Taking accountability is the core of integrity and it builds trust for the long run.

Emotional Awareness

You should know what you are feeling. Being emotionally intelligent involves having the ability to manage and understand your emotions well.  With high emotional awareness, you will be able to build solid relationships and enhance your self-esteem.

Other than these five soft skills to master for your career growth, you must have a positive attitude and should be self-motivated to achieve your goals. You must know how to bring the best of you, and build skills that will enable you to achieve that. People often look for Soft Skills training courses to hone their personality for a better life, in a better way.

Why you should undergo a Soft Skill training program in India?

When the pandemic first hit, those who worked outside their homes, found themselves catapulted into the work from home scenario. With the uncertainty, there was a lot of anxiety about what will happen next. Since then, the benefits of soft skills have come to the forefront.  Upskilling yourself will be effective for your personal as well as professional growth.

A soft skill training program will benefit you with:

  1. Improved adaptability, consistency, and productivity
  2. Stronger teamwork with leadership qualities
  3. Excellent communication skills
  4. Develop high emotional intelligence
  5. Having a strong network of critical thinkers

These are the most common outcomes of attending a soft skill training program, which will help you add value to your life with many other qualities. Intello Academy in its online soft skill training program makes sure that one undergoes the above-mentioned qualities, providing extensive exposure to each one joining.

What is the Soft Skills Training program all about?

After reading all the way, do you wish to enhance your skills and stand out with a better personality? Don’t worry, Intello Academy is here with its intensive soft skill training program to hone your skills. Therefore, we conduct regular interview training sessions, group discussions, and personality development courses for communication skill development.

The soft skills training program at Intello Academy is one of the best skill development programs in India. Years of experience have assisted us in designing an extensive program to build a strong foundation for training and facilitation of all age groups. Our program’s objective is to assist every individual from any professional or academic background, like:

  • School students, who wish to be more outspoken and confident
  • College Graduates, who are or will be facing interviews
  • Job Seekers, for MNC Companies
  • Employees, who wish to get that long-awaited promotion
  • Organizations, who are looking out for ways to train their employees

Why should you choose us as the best Soft Skills Training Institute in India?

Intello Academy was founded with a mission to train aspirants to unleash their potential in their personal and professional life hurdles. We have numerous years of soft skills development training experience. We have our institute in prominent locations throughout India, like Jamshedpur, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, and Ranchi. So, here is a checklist to assist you in shortlisting us:

  1. Student-centric course module
  2. Experienced Faculty members
  3. Certification with a credible affiliation
  4. Both Online classes and offline classes
  5. Overall personality development training
  6. Tailor-made packages keeping in mind the affordability aspect
  7. Free Demo Class
  8. 24 hours student support system for prompt doubt-clearing
  9. Regular Assessment and feedback sessions for development evaluation
  10. Complete hand-holding throughout the whole process of training

What Intello Academy has to offer?

  • Interview training sessions
  • Personality development classes
  • Personal instructor guide
  • Training material
  • Quizzes and testing
  • Online classes with flexible timings
  • Activities and exercise files
  • Flip chart notes
  • Group discussions
  • Real-life experiences
  • Personal doubt sessions
  • Certified Course


Today candidates with strong soft skills are high in demand because of their interpersonal attributes. Therefore, if you want to succeed in life, there is a lot more to learn other than books and theories. Soft skills to master your career growth, in resumes, cover letters, job applications, and interviews.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join Us Today for success at your school, workplace, and life.


What is the importance of soft skills in the workplace?

Soft skills are very important at workplace for smooth and effective communication, as they are the collection of positive attributes, that one possesses. In today’s world where recruiters look for soft skills, one must pay keen focus to acquire them. In a workplace, soft skills will help you with:

  • Career progression – The reports say, people with strong soft skills have a higher tendency to progress in their career, or get a promotion.
  • Build an Interpersonal workspace – Skills such as communicating and presenting ideas are valued, to make a workspace ideal.
  • Teamwork – The most demanded soft skill in a workspace is teamwork. A problem-solving attitude with teamwork is what all recruiters look for.
  • Satisfying customers – Clients and consumers, are often confused about what to buy? From where to buy? And, satisfying them requires high communicating skills in this competitive world.

What is the importance of soft skills for students?

Students should immediately start working on their soft skills as they will be of great importance in their future life, be it personal or professional. Students who have these skills are more likely to build a better future for themselves rather than students only with hard skills. Well, here is how soft skills, help students to grow – personally and professionally.

  • High Emotional Intelligence – A student with good values, with a strong sense of empathy will be able to handle relationships easily, rather than students who lack soft skills.
  • Focus on Class studies – With a positive attitude, students will help themselves to adapt to different teaching methods, and study in a better way.
  • Leadership Qualities – Students often lack leadership qualities, but in the end, they always wish not to be the follower, to be a leader instead. One who owns strong soft skills, leadership qualities will be imbibed.
  • Goal setting – Students are often told to work for a goal, but how to set a goal is not taught. With this training, one will know how to set long-term goals, short-term goals, and how to achieve them.

What is the Importance of soft skills training?

There is endless importance of Soft Skills Training. Soft skills training is primarily about working on interpersonal skills, communication abilities, and attributes to help for professional as well as personal growth. The importance of soft skills training is not limited to the growth and success of a person. It also helps one to live a dream life.

Soft skills training benefits you with:

  1. Being more flexible in any role you work on.
  2. Manage your time efficiently.
  3. Be creative with your work.
  4. Networking, and making connections.

Is soft skills coaching helpful?

Soft Skills Coaching is helpful when it comes from professional training like Intello Academy considering the aspect of learning as well implementation. Soft Skills coaching will help you with expert teaching methods, certificates, Interview sessions, tips to boost confidence and help you with career success as well. In today’s world, where soft skills are valued over hard skills, learning from the experts at Intello Academy is the best choice one can go for. Other than that, a soft skill coaching institute will also help you,

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